Carol Ann Manenti, RN

“People need to know how much you care beCarol 3 (2)fore they care how much you know.” Theodore Roosevelt

Carol spent her nursing career caring for premature and ill neonates. Her passion to care for these fragile infants became her reality after she gave birth to preterm twins. As a PFA, Carol shares her personal account of going from a NICU nurse to a NICU Mom.

During Carol’s career she participated in quality improvement projects using advocate for patient and family needs. Carol shares her story on how she incorporates the patient use of TeamSTEPP’s communication tools as a way to partner with her own and family’s health care providers especially in the area of Behavior Health. Behavior Health impacts every family member and a successful treatment plan is imperative for positive outcomes.

Carol served on the Children’s Family Advisory Board and the Newborn Critical Care Center, Family Centered Care Committee at UNC Healthcare. After retirement she remains active on the Newborn Critical Care Family Advisory Board and teaches Parent to Parent rounding to other advisors.